Making customer expectations soar

U.S. Aviation Services Corp. enhances your customer experience and streamline operations with first-class maintenance and cleaning services.

An integral part of the highly regulated aviation industry, U.S. Aviation provides complete aircraft services — domestically and internationally.

We’re dedicated to upholding the highest standards. In fact, we’re known for our industry-leading innovations in safety, efficiency and transparency.

Explore our non-stop services

250+ airplanes

Providing engaged, aviation-centric leadership

Our high-energy teams are led by industry experts. Bringing insight from top U.S. airline brands, our leaders offer more than 100 years of combined experience — from cabin and cargo service to ground handling.

You’ll find our hands-on management style builds dedication and care at every level, from the executive suite to our service stations. This service-driven approach translates to better relationships at the customer and corporate levels.

On-site, you can count on our teams to work within industry rules and regulations, including TSA, USDA and Airport AOA. Plus, each member undergoes an extensive interview process to ensure we hire — and keep — the right people.


U.S. Aviation Services Corp. is proud to be Six-Sigma certified. These best-practice techniques work to reduce defects while helping you improve profits, boost employee morale and provide customers with an exceptional experience.

Work with the airline experts

500+ employees

High-speed, high-quality airline support

Look to us for a wide range of dynamic services to quickly turn aircrafts and move cargo, all while keeping you a step ahead of the competition.

Rely on our range of top-flight services

  • Airport janitorial services
  • Cabin cleaning and provisioning
  • Cargo operations
  • Eco-minded practices: Procedures of all major airlines
  • Fleet carpet shampooing
  • Ground services: Ramp, baggage and gate handling
  • Lavatory and water services
  • Linen provisioning and blanket cleaning
  • Mail operations
  • Skycap services: Curbside baggage and check-in, wheelchair handling and customer service
  • Warehouse management

Let’s achieve your goals

250K flights

High-tech efficiencies for exceptional service

By utilizing industry-preferred technologies, we are able to deliver transparency, compliance and cost efficiencies every day.

Take a look at some of technologies we employ to achieve your goals:

springshot logo

Springshot, a cloud-based platform, offers real-time visibility and transparency for mobile operations — all while motivating and empowering employees. It works to:

  • Elevate operations by placing the focus on employee satisfaction
  • Provide necessary documentation to ensure assignments are complete
  • Deliver unique solutions around resourcing, efficiency, and motivation

Smarttrack computer

SMARTrack™ is the software Delta Air Lines uses within their HUB operations. We use it to track and manage compliant service records for cabin cleaning and define areas for improvement.

aerowash logo

AeroWash robots streamline aircraft washing and support ground-support. They make aircraft washing more time- and cost-efficient while enhancing safety. This easy-to-use technology works to:

  • Reduce maintenance time/hours
  • Lower risk of accidents
  • Provide high-quality results

LuminUS logo

Luminous is a high-performance, NanoTechnology cleaning solution also used in the auto, home/commercial cleaning and marine industries.

Designed to reduce drag with each consecutive application, Luminious can help improve aircraft aerodynamics.

Environmentally friendly, it uses non-toxic organic ingredients, eliminates the use of water and streamlines the drying process.

Make a clean start

100K people

Safety is our top priority for you, your customers and our employees

As safety protocols are vital to your operations, we strive to reinforce our process to every employee, every day through:

  • Training: Ensuring our line employees and supervisors understand what to do and how to do it
  • Communication: Confirming and re-affirming safety opportunities and protocols
  • Observation: Monitoring our team in action to provide them with feedback
  • Accountability: Holding every level of our team accountable for performance

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