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Elevating the
onboard experience

Elevating the onboard experience

A look at how to continuously improve travelers experience onboard through enhanced cleaning processes.

Airlines & Airports

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Elevating the onboard experience

A look at how to continuously improve travelers experience onboard through enhanced cleaning processes.

Committed to Continuous Improvement

In today’s highly competitive airline industry, providing a positive onboard customer experience is crucial to building and maintaining brand image and loyalty; attracting customers repeatedly to a product that is seamless from curbside to takeoff.


As a leading airline, we understand the importance of cleanliness and sanitation is to you in creating a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for passengers. In this report, we outline five ways that help airlines improve their customer experience through elevated and enhanced cleaning services, from terminals and gatehouses to lounges and onboard aircraft.

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Enhanced focus on cleaning processes and schedules

As the pandemic becomes the new normal and travel comes back into full swing, it is important to continue focus on what the pandemic brought with it to the travel industry. We saw airlines like Delta for example, introducing a completely new department comprised of over 600 cleaning cordinators to ensure its new protocols were being met. Delta Clean was a brand standard and still is today.


Keeping the focus on implementing timely cleaning protocols and processes will help distinguish between the airline products tailored to the customer experience and those tailored to a budget. Ensuring that all surfaces and materials on the aircraft are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on turn flights and increasing the scope of intervals of deep cleans will help to create a cleaner, more pleasant environment for passengers and reduce the risk of illness or infection well into the future.


Consistency and predictable results

Creating a sense of predictability for your passengers is the key to creating brand loyalty. An example of this is Delta’s use of the “Your aircraft has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized” bulletin before boarding. They still adhere to their pandemic like messaging because it provides a constant in the traveling experience. Passengers expect the aircraft to be “thoroughly cleaned and inspected” each and every flight from here on out. 


This directly co-insides  with what the pandemic brought to the traveling experience in the sense of cleanliness. No longer are the days where seat back pockets were filled with treasures of the last passenger. Turn-cleans are most important as they are during the busiest times of the day for travelers. Creating a positive impression for passengers and setting the tone for their next travel experience with your airline is the way to build brand loyalty and trust.


The right service partner at the right time

To have continued efforts and focus on elevated traveling experiences, finding a suitable service partner that understands the 360 scope of your airline brand image, customer expectations and the product in which you are selling makes a substantial difference. A suitable airline service partner should embody two key pillars of providing quality service, assisting you in providing exceptional experiences for your customers.



Utilizing technology and data:

From realtime feedback of employee and task efficiency to use of modern disinfection technologies like UV light devices, implementing technology and data into current operations leads to better, more efficient practices and improves the overall experience for your customer. A partnering app like Springshot gives service partners the ability to monitor task progression, providing overall data on task efficiency to enable management to make smarter decisions with manpower, schedules and flow of work. 



Specialized Service Teams:


The value of specialized service teams enables service partners to divide and conquer, leading to a more efficient and quality product, whether that is ground handling, turn-cleans or overnight deep cleans. Utilizing teams to carry out specific functions and tasks creates a unique sense of responsibility. The right service partner understands that not all manpower should be utilized for every function of airline service. Developing a team and a process specific to a function of service is key to creating a better overall experience. For example, a service partner may provide a handful of services for an airline, from turn-cleans to janitorial to deep cleans to ground handling. The team responsible for night time operations of the aircraft (Ground Handling, RON Clean) should not be the same team associated with the deep clean operations of that aircraft. This ensures that the manpower is utilized in the right way at the right time and delivers on quality rather than “just getting it done”.

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