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United Services Companies delivers nationwide janitorial, staffing and security services with care. We genuinely care about people, from our customers and their guests to our awesome employees.

It’s no surprise that safety is our top priority for every assignment at every location. Furthermore, many of our employees bring law-enforcement and military backgrounds, which elevates the training and dedication of every team.

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Founded in 1965, we began by providing custodial services to local trade shows out of an office in Chicago’s old McCormick Place. At that time, trade shows were vital to marketing. They were the best way to introduce new products and find the latest trends. Trade shows also brought industry VIPs together, consequently creating demand for our high-level janitorial and maintenance services.

As the trade show circuit evolved, so did United Services Companies. We naturally expanded into security to fill the need for private security contractors in trade show spaces, hotels and facilities.

While our headquarters are still in Chicago, we now provide world-class services across America with more than 10,000 employees. You can count on our teams and resources wherever you are, from the eastern seaboard to the Hawaiian Islands.

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While we started in trade shows, our customers always asked us to help in other areas of business and for different properties. As our capabilities grew, United Service Companies evolved to focus on different areas of expertise. Today, we have five specialized business units that serve diverse customer bases and put specific skill sets at your service.

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We have offices in major cities around the country, including Chicago, Miami, Anaheim, New York, Philadelphia, Denver and Portland.

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